Friday, July 22, 2005

Sailing, books

Long gap - mainly due to masses of sailing. We went from Shoreham to Chichester to Cowes to Lymington to Cowes to Chichester in our little Dart 16 - the last leg in a Force 6! And last night a friend from the sailing club and I sailed her 36mi back to Shoreham, arriving at 01:30.

The sheer beauty of the sea, moon, stars and the poetry of sailing - wow...

Meanwhile more terrorist attempts, book index has come back, launch seminars being planned and invitations going out. Of the making of books there is no end

Monday, July 11, 2005

Happy St Benedict's Day

Lovely sail on Sun and we're planning big (120mi) expedition Thurs/Mon.

News still rather dominated by bombs. Great that the Pope asked us all to pray for the bombers, as well as telling them to stop in the name of God. Great also that it has brought forth a united response from all the UK faith communities. But the UK's v v weak response to Islamist extremists in our midst is a real problem (Londonstan) - we have one of the Madrid supsects in jail fighting extradition and we have been v uncooperatve to foreign attempts to get at UK Islamists. Surely incitement to terrorism should be a crime and people who are convicted to terrorist-related offences should be able to be deported even to countries where their 'human rights' might be in danger.

At least the Iraq Coalition Casualties seem to be coming down, after alarming rises in May and June.

Would have loved to have been at the Abbey today - but had to take a call from Ch of a client. Nevertheless joining them in prayer.

Lord, arouse in your church the spirit that guided our holy father Benedict
May we love what he loved and put into practice what he taught
Help us to be steadfast in the service of your will
That we may grow in number and holiness.

Friday, July 08, 2005

pray for our enemies - but they will never win

First I knew of 7/7 was a call from my mother, who had been staying with us and I'd sent off on the tube to Paddington yesterday morning, that all the tubes were down and she was on a bus. Then loads of relatives started phoning, then had to collect daughter from her school, then her friend staying with us from her (different) school. But still went sailing in the evening.

Bombs will never defeat Londoners but let's hope and pray that Blair's reserve holds - his appeasement of the IRA set a dreadful precedent. And the depressing way in which London harbours so many extremist Islamist groups must change. However even when they are trying to destroy us and we are fighting them we must pray for our enemies.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Friends, family, neighbours

Fri saw our friend Saffron in Some Girl(s) - a brilliantly crafted play about relationships - she was wonderful and is even lovelier than she appears on stage/film.

Sat we went to help our son, his wife & their 2 children move into their new house in Cambridge. Came back missing Live 8 - full marks for idealism (well almost) but the idea that what Africa needs is more governmental aid is almost certainly 100% wrong. After all 20 years ago Africa was much better off than Asia, now $500bn of aid later is is much worse off.

Then today sailing (did badly alas, but lesson in humility) and a party in our communial gardens - met many new people including 3 girls who have moved into the flat opposite and know nobody - now they know several neighbours.